The salt


$25 per session, $15 for add on, $50 monthly membership!

Salt therapy has been around for quite a number of years. It was discovered by a polish physician in 1843. Dr. Felix Boczkowski noticed that men working in the salt mines at Wieliczka suffered fewer respiratory problems than the general population. In 1980, a research institute in Ukraine developed the first halotherapy device.

Salt therapy is similar to spending time on the beach, in the salty sea air.

The salt room benefits the respiratory system, helping with Bronchitis, asthma, allergies, etc... Can also benefit smoking related symptoms (cough, shortness of breath, wheezing). Can help ease depression. It also helps with skin issues such as psoriasis, eczema and acne!

We offer dry halotherapy where a halogenerator grinds salt into salt into microscopic particles, releasing them into the air. Once inhaled, the particles are claimed to absorb irritants, including allergens and toxins from the respiratory system. This process helps to break up mucus and reduce inflammation resulting in clear airways.

Salt is also said to produce negative ions, which theoretically causes your body to release more serotonin, but they are mainly for a lovely ambiance. negative ions also improve health and mood. This can help aid your immune, nervous, and lymphatic systems.

While table salt is dehydrating, pure mineral salts like the ones used in salt rooms, have a natural moisturizing effect and support the skins water balance and barrier function by attracting moisture to the skin. Thus aiding in skin conditions.